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Dolly Parton’s Sister Slams Elle King For The Third Day

Dolly Parton’s younger sister, Stella Parton, has slammed Elle King on social media for the third day in-a-row, following the singer’s drunken performance at the Grand Ole Opry Friday (January 19th).

On Tuesday (January 23rd), the younger Parton wrote, “When you disrespect someone in my family you have disrespected every one of us. I choose to speak up on my own personal platforms because it’s my prerogative. I know a lot about being disrespected in the music industry. However, I no longer stay silent when I see people behaving badly. The bottom line is this, if you’re lucky enough to stand before a paying audience give them your best or get off the stage. I don’t buy the lame weak excuse of getting ” hammered” to get out there. The fans pay our wages FYI. They sometimes sacrifice to do so.”

She previously appeared to defend King, pointing out the double standard in the industry, writing “it wouldn’t be the first time a Hillbilly went on the stage of the Opry 'hammered' but I guess it’s ok if you’re a male but good lord don’t ever let a girl behave that way folks.” However, she later went on to call King a “spoiled brat.”

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