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Maren Morris Teams With Visible Mobile For ‘Dancing With Myself’ Cover

Maren Morris teamed with Visible Mobile to release a cover of Billy Idol’s 1981 classic, “Dancing with Myself” on Thursday (February 15th).

In a lengthy note on her Instagram Story, Morris wrote, “Lately I've wondered if we truly ever get to be a 'new' version of ourselves. It seems too flighty a concept for me for some reason. Getting to say you're a new person feels more like a lobotomy than self-growth (but then again, I'm a textbook over thinker). I buy more into the theory that we're a blank page slowly getting colored in, and by the end of our lives, the page is fully finished. I have endured a lot of change this past year, but I still feel like I'm the same me, just more colored in. I'm weightless, unbound and glowing in my new hues.

“At the turn of the new year I decided to covr one of my longtime favorite songs by Billy Idol, ‘Dancing With Myself’ because it’s always been a beautifully melancholic anthem tome. It also captures where I’m at right now; a little blue but a lot relieved. Dancing through my feelings and shaking off the expired layers that no longer strengthen me.”

An accompanying video of the cover shows the “Circles Around This Town” singer dancing throughout Grimey’s Records in East Nashville in homage to the 2000 film High Fidelity.

She noted, “It was the first time I truly gave zero f***s while filming. I felt safe and worked out my stagnant grief and newfound hope with each take. I was a cathartic color I hadn’t seen in myself yet. Nothing scares me anymore.”

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